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Tips for Translating English to French

French is a pervasive language that is used by over 280 million people in more than five continents. According to research, French is the third leading language after English and Mandarin for international business. But surprisingly, only 4% of internet content is in French.


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Typically French is much longer than English; in this regard, you’ll notice that your translated French test will be 15-20% longer than your English text. This may prove problematic, especially in a case where the word count is restricted, for example, when translating apps, website navigation menu, a brochure, etc. Such translations require the input of a competent translator to make sure the original message is maintained. Always adhere to the set rules and guidelines when translating text from English to French.

Seek Advice from Online Dictionaries and Forums

When you’re stuck with some expressions and usage when translating text from English to French, it’s vital to make good use of online dictionaries and focus. For example, forums such as WordReference can be a valuable see where you can get incredible help.

You can utilize different resources in those dictionaries and forums to make your work easier. In this regard, human translation is the most accurate. This is vital to confirm the correct translations. In the forums, you are able to get information from native French speakers; thus, your translations will be more accurate.

Avoid Translating Idiomatic Expressions Literally

At all costs, you should avoid translating idiomatic expressions in French literally in English since this can alter the original meaning of the phrase. For example, une bonne fourchette,’ will mean a hearty eater, but if translated, the meaning directly will change to a goof fork; thus, the meaning of this expression will lose its original message. In this case, you find that the translation has lost its idiomatic meaning. In this regard, it’s essential to practice effectively, translating the idiomatic expression to develop your translation skills.

Although translating English to French has its own challenges, you can limit mistakes by following a few tips and the rule and regulations governing these translations. If you have doubts about the usages, idiomatic expression, or other challenging aspects of the translations, it’s essential to use online dictionaries or online forums dedicated to these two languages.

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