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Guide to Choosing a Man and Van Service

When looking to relocate to a new office or home, you should consider hiring a man and van service. That will help make the process a lot easier, cheaper, safer, and less time-consuming. However, all that is true only if you see this company. With the many options available to consider, choosing one might be a little overwhelming. This guide is designed to help you make the right choice.

man and vanFind References

You can start by looking for references from colleagues, family, neighbors, or friends. Ensure that the referrals you get are from individuals who have used the service and have a good idea of what you should expect. Such recommendations will minimize the uncertainties concerning the performance or quality of service you choose. It will also help to reduce the time you spend searching for the right service.


Even with good recommendations, it is still advisable to do your homework on the potential service before hiring. The more information you gather about the moving services available to you, the better your decision will be. You can visit the companies’ websites or physical addresses to get all the information you need. You can also check real reviews left by previous customers to get more information regarding what to expect.

Consider the Prices

An obvious consideration to make is how much you will spend on hiring the man and van service. There is usually a significant variation of prices among different providers of the service. The influencing factors include hourly rates, amount or volume of items, the distance of the journey, the vehicle used, and other applicable fees such as toll and packing fees. You can compare quotations from different companies and choose based on your financial capabilities.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Your decision regarding van size should be based on the size or number of items you intend to move. The more items you have to transport, the bigger the van should be. However, bigger vans usually cost more. Your goal should be to get the most cost-effective van. Asking the man to inspect all your items beforehand and help you choose the right van is a good idea.local move

Time Your Move 

To make the most of the man and van services, you should time your move to not fall in the peak moving season. The busiest times regarding moving houses, usually around the summer season, attract the highest rates. You can enjoy better rates and more discounts during the off-peak season.  

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