Monday, August 02, 2021

Three Ways You Can Stop Your Dog from Barking Excessively

Who doesn’t want to get a dog as a company? Not only does their species is loyal to human, but some of them are very efficient at countermeasure. If properly trained, a dog can sense the presence of a potential threat miles away. However, this ability can be a double-edged sword, since being too sensitive can lead to excessive barking. And not only you and anyone else at home, but your neighbors will also find that noise annoying and unpleasant. Therefore, as a dog owner, you must know the best ways to deal with excessive barking, a skill that you will learn in this article.

1. Taking Your Dog for Training

a shy dogYou can always train your dog by yourself, but it will take some time and dedication, which not all of us can afford. And in that case, professional training for your dog can be your best solution. Hoerstel, Neufharn, Nidderau, and Zuelpich are four places where you can find dog schools that teach both the owners and dogs to overcome the problem. In case you do not know, your presence during the training can make the whole process a lot faster.

2. Schedule a Routine Walk

Dogs bark because they are either excited or threatened, and those signals may not be reasonable to humans. For instance, some dogs will bark if they hear a passing car or bicycle’s bell. Yelling at your dog or even hitting them will make them even aggressive towards those stimuli because they conform to the dog’s fear. Therefore, never resort to violence when you want to teach your dog some manner, or it will only make everything worse.

3. Do Not Pet and Reward the Dog Excessively

puppy eyesWhen it comes to dogs, too much affection will cause problems. No matter how smart you think your dog is, his/her mind works with a reward/punishment system. If your dog misbehaves, punish him/her by not giving them your attention or any signs of affection. Dogs can sense your facial expression, and looking angry is enough to correct the dog’s behavior. Changing your voice tone will work too. Even if you think you need to make physical contact, do so by only pushing the dog’s back quickly but gently to show your dominance.

However, one thing to note is that if you’re showing you’re mad at your dog every time the dog barks at someone showing up, you’ll have to consider the possibility of the dog thinking that other people are bad. You have to make sure that your dog can perceive your message clearly.…

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