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Kindle Edition (US)

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Kindle Edition (US)
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Kindle Edition (US)

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Kindle Edition (US)

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JDM vs the WORLD


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What the hell is a JDM?
A: Well, if you want to get technical, a JDM is a car part. It’s short for Japanese Domestic Market. But that’s if you want to get technical. Otherwise, the question you ought to be asking is: Who the hell is JDM? And, in that case, the answer is Jonathan David Morris.

Q: All right, then, who the hell is Jonathan David Morris?
A: Good question. Jonathan David Morris is the author of a weekly column on politics and personal freedoms.

Q: He’s an author, eh? Well, I guess that would explain the “Read” part of “Read JDM.” So what’s the name of his book?
A: The name of his book is “He Doesn’t Have a Book Yet,” which, of course, is just this site’s sarcastic way of saying: He doesn’t have a book yet. He’s working on one, though. Or at least that’s the rumor.

Q: Can you tell me what the book will be about?
A: Sure. It’ll be about a few hundred pages.

Q: There’s nothing on this site about The Doors. What gives?
A: Where were you during Question No. 1? JDM is Jonathan David Morris, not James Douglas Morrison. Reconsider your choice of search engines. Google should just about light your fire.

Q: Is it just me or is low on graphic content?
A: It’s just you. Actually, it’s because JDM is a writer, not a male model. If you want to design an unofficial site, such as, hey, no one’s stopping you. In fact, go ahead and make it. We’d love to visit it some time.

Q: While you were blabbing about male models, I decided to actually read a few articles. JDM sets a bad example. What’s up with that? He thinks that it’s him against the entire world.
A: Yes, that’s the basic premise.

Q: Didn’t JDM used to write about boxing?
A: Yes. He used to. But not anymore.

Q: Why?
A: Why what?

Q: Why did he stop writing about boxing?
A: Because he wanted to focus on writing about politics. Let’s face it: They’re bloodier.

Q: What about wrestling? Didn’t he used to write about wrestling?
A: Yes. Again, though, both wrestling and politics are scripted. So it’s really pretty much the same thing.

Q: Does JDM think he can take me in a brawl?
A: Absolutely. As long as you’re shorter than 4-foot-2.

Q: Does JDM have any political experience? Will he run for office someday? What will be his platform?
A: JDM has no political experience, but he watches and reads an unhealthy amount of news. His writing career comes first and he will never, ever run for any office of any kind, unless he can count on your support. If he were to run, his platform would be libertarian.

Q: Don’t you mean Libertarian, with a capital “L”?
A: No, we mean libertarian, with lowercase letters from beginning to end. There’s a difference. Look it up. Anyway, the point is, JDM is no longer affiliated with a political party. He thinks they suck.

Q: Well, I think JDM is the one who sucks.
A: Great. How is this a question?

Q: JDM bashes the parties but yet he’s as biased as they are. This makes him just as bad, no?
A: No. Next question.

Q: Where does JDM get his ideas?
A: The freezer aisle at Foodtown.